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Sunday, August 23, 2009

New Link and Success

New Link

As you can see, if you scroll down to my links, I've added a new link: Elegant Survival. The site is owned and operated by M-J de Mesterton, and its tag-line "Stylish Living on a Shoestring" says it all. I would definitely recommend it to ladies (and gentlemen) of all ages who are interested in refinement.


It took a little a lot of digging, but I've found the first name of Isom Wakefield Sparks's wife (who I mentioned in my previous post). Her name is Amy E. Yocum, my great-great grandmother. I don't know much about her, other than her mother (or was it her grandmother?) lived to be 110. I'm still doing some research on that line, but I've always suspected the "E." in her middle name stood for Elizabeth. She descends from German Catholics whose surname was originally Joachim (it was changed in the early 1800's). I'm not Catholic, so I don't know for sure, but it seems that a lot of the Catholic women in my family tree bear the middle name Elizabeth. But that could just be a stereotypical assumption on my part. (Any one have any ideas?)

One thing I do know about Amy E. Yocum is that she is descendant from a woman named Anna Merkel (I remember this off the top of my head). Through Anna Merkel, I'm the 7th cousin, twice removed, of Laura Bush. (I'm related to her husband three different ways on another side of my family -- but that's a different story.)

So yeah. I've definitely got some more research to do on this line. I've done it before, so it should be difficult now. Right?


Barbara said...

Hi !

Nice to see you.
Myself, I do not have any German lines. Do you know where in Germany Amy E Yocum orginated from? It can be a struggle to learn this basic information.I have the same problem with my Irish lines.

I know that there is a French region that is called Alsace in East France, that changed hands several times (between wars) between Germany & France.There are quite a few Alericans that have German Alsatian heritage.

Good luck !

PrettySiren said...

I've actually discovered a big problem with Amy E. Yocum's records today. Either she or whoever was recording them might've been illiterate.


*1880 Alabama census, Twp. 6 Range 11, Franklin county - Ama E. Yocam, age 5, birthplace Alabama, fathers birthplace Alabama, mothers birthplace Alabama.

*1900 Alabama census, Stouts pct., Franklin county - Emma E. Sparks, born May 1875, age 25, married 2 years, 1 child born with 1 living, birthplace Alabama, fathers birthplace Alabama, mothers birthplace Alabama.

*1910 Alabama census, Moulton, Lawrence county - Emmie E. Sparks, age 33, married 11 years, 6 children born with 3 living, birthplace Alabama, fathers birthplace Alabama, mothers birthplace Alabama, Farm laborer - home farm worker.

*1920 Alabama census, Leighton, Colbert county - Amy E. Sparks, age 42, married, birthplace Alabama, fathers birthplace Alabama, mothers birthplace Alabama.

Her name constantly changes. I believe it was, in reality, definitely Amy. I think the Emma confusion is due to how people used to pronounce the name back then. Also, her mother-in-law's name was Emma. Someone illiterate might think the names are close enough.

Both of Amy's parents were born in Alabama. Their parents were born in the Carolinas or Georgia, if memory serves. And THEIR parents were Joachims, who lived in the more northern American colonies.

That's very interesting about Alsace. I didn't know that, but I remember some of Amy's German ancestors were French further on back the line (not the Joachim side -- a different one).