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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Tada! Family Tree -- Activated

Alright, so I took the lazy option, screen capped it, and then blacked out the names of living relatives. All of my editing looks craptastic, please forgive me for that. But I typed an explanation at the top of what you're exactly seeing, for those who aren't familiar with FamilySearch.org's family tree software.

Family Tree

As you can see, it only goes to the fifth generation. When I talk about certain ancestors on this blog, I might make screen captures of their family tree, so you can see how they're interrelated, etc.

The reason the parents of Paul Jones Campbell and Dorothy Keith are blank is because we know nothing about them. They are my maternal grandfather's parents and our family hasn't spoken to him in almost forty years. If you have any information on the parents of Paul Jones Campbell and Dorothy Keith, I would highly appreciate it.

The only info I have on Paul Jones Campbell is that he was born in 1894, possibly in one of the Carolinas. He died in Alabama (in or near Scotsboro) in the late 70's. Dorothy Keith was born c. 1905. She died at the age of 29, sometime in the 1930's when my grandfather was very young. My grandfather's stepmother claimed that Dorothy Keith was "of the Boston Keiths".

I'm still looking for the first name of Isom (Isum) Spark's wife. I had it on my old computer, so I'm confident, with digging, I'll be able to find it again; however, I know she was a Yocum (and that the family name was originally Joachim before her birth).

EDIT: Because of the layout of this blog, you have to click the photo to see the whole thing, as it's cut off on the blog.


The Sports Webpage said...
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Sean Valinoti said...

I love the family tree. I think the visual representation of your journey really helps me get excited about your research. I can't wait to see other parts of the tree. I have always been curious about my own family but have never spent even a fraction of the time and effort you have put into finding out about yours. Thank you for sharing your journey and I hope you have continued success along the way.

PrettySiren said...


Thanks so much for your comments and your valuable input! It really means a lot. And thank you so much for the encouragement.